Friday, June 5, 2009


Chippokes has become our place to getaway! Just look at the view can you blame us. We are going to really miss this BEAUTIFUL state park. It is tucked away on the James River in Surry county. It is absolutely a special getaway for our family.

Here is the Catfish that Riley caught. It was the ONLY fish that was caught and photographed. Olivia won the fishing tournament with her 13 3/4 inch Catfish, Riley took second. I feel like I need to tell about the 2 foot plus Catfish that I caught (on the princess fishing pole too)but the photo was not taken in time because my jealous husband accidentally dropped it in the water! It was HUGE! In the picture are the kids ice cream sundae rewards for the contest.

Here is Olivia feeding Jack the Donkey!
Chris really took to the goats and sheep. He got them all fired up and they began to ram everybody with their horns. The kids also got a backstage pass to see the NEW baby PEEPERS and got to pick out their very own chicken eggs. Special thanks to Rudy, a fellow Coastie that works the grounds there at the park and let the kids enjoy all of the farm animals there.
We had a great time on our last camping trip to Chippokes. Thank-you to the Patterson family for bringing us to this special place. Also thanks to Lee and Mattie Smith and Ms. Laura we had a blast camping with you all.

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