Monday, May 18, 2009

More Norfolk Zoo Pics

The Peacock was following us for sometime. The kids were almost able to touch him. Not a good idea though.

Here I the new Train that took us all the way around the zoo.

This was the first time in All the times we have been to the zoo that the Baboon was out and actually walking around. He only had out undivided attention for a few minutes because a tree seemed more interesting to him that entertaining us humans. He plopped a squat next to the tree and began to pick bark, what a life!
The Elephants were having lunch as we walked by their habitat. Looks like tons of fun! I think the sight of them eating put the idea into the 13 preschoolers that it was lunch time! Let the MELTDOWNS begin!


  1. Shoot Me NOW! I hate the zoo, I don't really know why~I just hate it!

  2. How can you hate the ZOO??? I love the zoo; so much fun, great photo opps, so pretty to walk around in!
    Can't imagine it with that many preschoolers, though... ugh! :)